Fr Michael celebrates 40 years of priesthood

On Monday evening we had a good turnout for the 7:30pm mass to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fr Michael’s ordination. In his homily Fr Michael reflected on his life as a priest and about the people and situations that he had encountered.

He thanked those who had encouraged him and helped him down through the years.

He thanked his fellow priests and also spoke warmly about the parish that he considers home.


Eamon McCorry, who is the Chairperson of the pastoral council, also spoke at the end of mass (next paragraph) and reflected on the importance of Fr Michaels service to his flock throughout his ministry.


So today, we give God our praise and thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful

for. Only the hands of the priest can bring us the Body and Blood of Jesus; Only the priest is given God’s power to forgive sins. And so, we say Thank You to God for our Parish priest, Fr. Michael, who said “Yes” to Jesus, who for 40 years has brought Jesus to His people, and His people to Jesus. May God bless Fr. Michael with abundant blessings in return for his “Yes” every day, 24 hours a day, for 40 years. May he be blessed with many more years, and be carried by the joy of Jesus, who sees the happy souls Fr. Michael has brought close to Him. – read more

Is the tea ready yet ?

Some of the well wishers gathering on Monday evening for tea outside the parish office

Father Michael celebrated  the 40th anniversary of his ordination to priesthood on 14th June. We also wish him every blessing on his appointment by Bishop Donal as Vicar General of the Diocese

Both ordained on 14th June

Fr Michael and Fr Sean both had cause for celebration on Monday evening. Fr Michael was celebrating 40 years of priesthood and Fr Sean was celebrating 6 years on the same day.