Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation


Baptisms are limited to attendance by the immediate family. Immediate family includes the parents, godparents and siblings of a minor who is being baptised. If an adult is being baptised or received into the church, this may be attended by a spouse, their children and godparents. Where it is unavoidable that there are multiple Baptisms at the one time, the total of people present in the church, including clergy etc, should not exceed 25, the family groups should not mix inside or outside the church and should be four metres apart from each other.

First Holy Communion

There are concerns about parties and other socialising which although completely disconnected from the celebration of the sacraments and the environs of the church can and often do occur. It must also be recognised that such parties and socialising are a matter for the civil authorities and, indeed, are currently banned under civil COVID regulations; it is for the civil authorities to enforce civil laws. Nevertheless as church, we should go the extra step to assist in protecting public health, by avoiding those situations which might with some regularity lead people to organise parties. 

Therefore celebrations of First Communion are to be deferred until September 2021


The Bishop will revisit the scheduling of Confirmation in mid-May.