2nd Station

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  We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

Let us continue, My little children.  Follow Me on the way to Calvary.  I am overwhelmed with the weight of the Cross…. While My Heart was absorbed with sadness for the eternal loss of Judas, the cruel executioners, insensitive to My pain, place the Cross on My wounded shoulders.  The hard and heavy Cross cuts into My shoulders.  Through the Cross, I consummated the mystery of the Redemption of the world.

Contemplate My Passion, Angels from Heaven.  See the Creator of all the marvels; the God to whom all the heavenly spirits render adoration; the God walking towards Calvary and carrying on His shoulders the holy and blessed wooden cross; the God who is going to receive His last breath.

Contemplate My Passion, you souls who wish to be My faithful imitators.  My Body, destroyed by so much torture, walks without strength, bathed in sweat and Blood…

  Jesus, most obedient, meek and  humble of heart, have mercy on us.