Unity Pilgrims

We are a group of parishioners from the Waterside Parish who have in the past shared Sunday worship with several of our local Protestant Churches.  We do this is a spirit of genuine love and friendship for our Protestant friends. We join in their worship giving it the respect and dignity it requires. More importantly however it is an opportunity for us to show and share our common Christian fellowship and nothing more. For some of us it is also an opportunity to meet friends and neighbours that we have known for many years, to shake hands and to simply say hello. We hope to make about 3/4 visits a year and have one coming up shortly (24 June 2007) to the Clooney Methodist Hall. If you would like to join us for the next visit, or perhaps one in the future, please leave  your name and a contact telephone number into the Parish Office , or simply speak to me for more information. 
     Denis McGowan